Hi, I’m Scott Buchanan.

I’m 59 years old, married, raising three grandkids. I live in Florida, I’m a photographer, business owner and affiliate marketer.

I live in Ocala, Fl. I am available for hire In FL.
I photograph nature/wildlife, food, products, events, anything that catches my eye. I use a Canon T100. I do photography as a hobby but am available for offers. You can see some of my work on picsbyscott.wordpress.com as well.

For my pictures you can go here https://www.viewbug.com/member/scottbuchanan_2036 and for some pictures In have for sale https://picsbyscott.net/

As I add new content it’ll be under my posts. This blog website will focus on my photography and blogging.


 My website and store https://picsbyscott.net/
My website https://www.viewbug.com/member/scottbuchanan_2036

Being an affiliate marketer also I have to put links on a page so here is my business and personal link page


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